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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Henry Morton Robinson THE CARDINAL

Henry Morton Robinson – THE CARDINAL

Well, I know nothing about this guy at all. I can tell you that THE CARDINAL was one of the first Reader's Digests Condensed Books, it appeared in the Autumn 1950 volume along with ROOSEVELT IN RETROSPECT by John Gunther, LONG THE IMPERIAL WAY by Hanama Tasaki, and the only volume I've vaguely heard of, YOUNG MAN WITH A HORN by Dorothy Baker (I think this was later a Frank Sinatra movie).

I can tell you it was the number one bestseller of 1950 and the number four bestseller of 1951, which is one hell of an impressive achievement as well as one hell of a cautionary tale – the height of literary fame and how many of you have heard of Henry Morton Robinson?

I can tell you it was later made into a minor Otto Preminger movie starring Tom Tryon (who we've talked about!) as the titular character. Haven't seen it.

I also have this odd fact for you – oddly it's one of the big facts in the short Wikipedia piece on him – Mr. Robinson died when he fell asleep in a hot bath. Not of drowning, mind, but complications afterwards of the resulting second and third degree burns.

Wow. I hate to laugh. But how hot was that damn thing?

As for the book itself – it's harmless. A slice of life novel depicting the inexorable rise of a poor Boston priest to the heights of the Vatican. The kind of novel where a lot of incidents occur but nothing much really happens: our hero's character, outside of a certain naivete that's fully sympathetically portrayed by the narrator until he learns The Real Deal, which is also fully sympathetically portrayed by the narrator, never really advances from where he begins. He starts out as a well-meaning good guy who's serious about his religion and, as far as I can tell (I didn't read the whole thing all the way to the finish) he ends it as a well-meaning good guy who's serious about his religion. It's written in an amiable sort of mushy style that's too bright and chipper to really be called “bad” or even get very angry about, just more evidence that the mediocre of the past was just better than the mediocre of today. (I'm not sure that THE CARDINAL has worn well, exactly, but you can read it without wincing. I'm not sure the same can be said of today's mass novel.)

I do not understand why it was so massively popular. Are there that many Catholics out there? Was it an instance of non-Catholics trying to understand Catholicism and this one came out at the right time? Was it the fact that it “tackled” -- Jesus, what does that word even mean? How about “tried to bring up” a lot of social phenomenon of the time like interfaith marriage and abortion? Would our hero have talked about women in the priesthood if the book had been set in present day America?

I don't think THE CARDINAL is going to tell you anything about Catholicism that you should really trust, and I'm leery anyway of books “that teach you things”, because who really wants that, honestly. If you want to learn about Catholicism go right to the source and talk to a couple of Nuns, they'll clue you in.

All that said there's nothing really wrong with it. It moves along at a chipper pace and while you won't really have any fun reading it, you won't exactly hate yourself in the morning, either. It's just kind of a generic experience. Call it “Book”.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just to say found your review interesting. I read The Cardinal around the age of 10 (sneaked it), that would have been late 60s, and remember it. Would love to read it again. I suspect the topics you brought up were still considered taboo and that would account for its popularity and your mild puzzlement about it. I remember it as giving me a bit of a shock at the time. It was a window into "adult" themes for me. I suspect today's 10-year-olds would share your reaction, not mine. I'd love to read it again. Thanks, Morag.

9:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you'll ever read this.

Anyway; I've read the cardinal when I was 15 years old. I was a young lad, and it's surprising that it was translated into dutch, my native language. But it was a book that certainly grabbed my attention. I have no idea why. It does not have exceptional literary merits and the plot isn't that elevated.

It does, however, have a certain 'easy read' ring to it. It does, however, make an impression. Ten years have passed. And I still remembered that book. Oh, I have read your Jocye, your Bukowski and Cervantes, but this book stood out. And the weirdest thing is that I don't know why.

I think that this tale, this tale of easy-reading, this tale of optimism that lies within, is the core of its succes. Needless to say, I picked it up recently and while it isn't a 'great' book, it certainly is a good read.

The Cardinal was a good book, nothing more, nothing less. And I think that it's message; the message of faith, the belief in the kindness of people and whatnot, may be the cause of its succes. Then again, it were the fifties.

Anyway, I liked it. Weird that someone else, in this day and time, found it remarkable enough to write about!

9:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:09 AM  
Anonymous Rebecca said...

I loved this book. Hands down, a great story of the struggles of a priest to be a true servant of God and of his flock.

The story has superb character development, not just of our hero, but of the other main characters in the book. The rich detail of the time period is almost a history lesson in itself.

The story is well worth reading. It shows that man CAN triumph over self, and that man CAN be true and noble, and that God does NOT command the impossible. Father Steven Fermoyle is a blend of everything that makes a truly holy priest without being overweening, sentimental or mushy.

Great book. I highly recommend it!

6:45 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I just met one of Henry Morton Robinson's nieces today in Billerica, MA. I knew nothing of The Cardinal, otherwise I would have asked more questions. One thing she mentioned is that her grandfather, the father of Henry Morton was a Russian Jew who fled from Russia at the age of 7 and changed his name to Robinson upon arriving to America.

9:58 PM  
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Thanks for this review. I found it after just coming across this book in a collection given to me by my mum.

I couldn't decide whether it was my type of book or not, but going to give it a try now!

2:35 PM  
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Your talking of a book you've never finished reading! That is obnoxious.

11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read The Cardinal when I was 12 years old... back when I seemingly read everything, good, bad, whatever. It disturbed me, I didn't know why, but from a long distance, when I think of it, I remember one thing above everything else, and that must have been what bothered me so much.

I believe the protagonists sister (could it have been his niece?) got pregnant and suddenly needed an abortion to save her life, and it somehow devolved to this priest or archbishop or whatever he was at that point to give the go ahead (I read this about 50 years ago). Anyway, he doesn't give his permission and his relative dies... I think it was the combination of this wildly cruel act (in my eyes) and the fact that this was such a popular book, as if the American Culture was giving its support to this wildly cruel act with such enthusiasm, shocked me deeply.

In retrospect I hated this book.

However, if I'm mis-remembering this, let me know.

9:10 PM  
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